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October 29 2015


Earn Money Online by Testing Websites & Mobile Apps

Earn money online by reviewing apps and websites and get paid with $10 for every twenty minutes you spend to complete a session through PayPal. This sounds interesting and this has all made possible with User Testing. This resource pays you to complete a few tasks, visit apps and websites and speak out loud about them.

How To Get Started To Earn Money Online

1. You will need a Mac or PC, a working internet connection and a microphone. For mobile apps, an Android mobile or tablet, iPad or iPhone will be required.
2.Download the testing software from the website
3.The tester should be an adult i.e. 18+ years of age
4.Good writing skills in English to earn money online

How Much Money Can Be Earned?

The service is not going to make you rich, rather it will help you earn money online for extra expenses. The amount of opportunities depend primarily on the quality of your written reviews, demographics and a few other factors.

How The Money Is Transferred?

The testers get paid via PayPal. You must be the resident of a country where PayPal account works. Exactly after 7 days of the review, the cash is distributed among the testers.

How To Sign-Up To Earn Money Online?

The signup process is easy and quick. You will be asked to enter an email address and a sample test will be forwarded to you for completion. Once you are authorized to test, you are free to earn money online.

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